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Best 5 Dating Portale in Germany

dating ohne grenzen für immer single
5 Dating Portale for Parents

Loneliness is something scary in old age. At the same time, the demands of spouses in old age also increase. You probably know very well what you expect from someone and you don't want to compromise whenever possible.

If you're looking for a spontaneous date, or you're looking for the love of your life, you should also take advantage of the youth toolkit. We are talking about dating apps for smartphones and tablets. Some providers have specialized in finding partners for seniors.

Here's what you need to know about online dating

Before presenting you with a selection of promising dating apps, we would like to briefly discuss their advantages in general.

  • Cheaper dating apps.
  • The selection of possible "candidates" is large.
  • The initial contact was uncomplicated.
  • You can hook up with several people at the same time before a meeting.

Even if the thought of using an app may seem a bit odd to you, this type of contact initiation is completely normal among younger women and men.

Here are 5 dating apps that are also being used more and more by parents:


dating apps germany

Many members are 55 years of age or older. A large amount of information is requested to create a user profile. The quality of personal suggestions can also be classified as very good and not shallow. Registration and use of basic functions are free of charge. If you want to have access to all functions, you will have to pay €20 per month for a premium membership with a commitment period of 1 year.

With this app, you get a push notification as soon as someone is interested in you. You can chat, send emails, search for singles and find out about singles events from neu.de.


KultivierteSingles web

The dating platform KultivierteSingles.de focuses on "singles in their prime". Most of the users of this platform are women and men aged over 40 years with good educational standards. At the start of the registration process, every single person fills out a personality test, the results of which are made a personality analysis. Based on this analysis, suitable partners from the surrounding area are suggested. With the dating app, you have access to your profile and all messages and you can also edit new suggestions on the go.

The first registration is free of charge. A monthly fee is incurred for the use of all services, which varies between €29 and €49 depending on the term of the commitment.


dating app germany

SilberSingles.de defines itself as an online platform for finding partners over the age of 50. What is special about this site is the personality test that all users take during the registration process. This test serves as a basis for suggestions for potential partners who will be suggested to you later.

The SilberSingles app gives you access to your profile and messages at any time, even when you're on the go. You can easily exchange information with other singles and see who has accessed your profile.

At SilberSingles there is a free, basic version that allows you to take a personality test, view the results, set up a meaningful profile, and view first contact suggestions. With the paid premium version, you can also use the app and have access to photos. Depending on the length of the commitment, the monthly fee varies between €20 and €39. In return, the platform promises quick success and the highest level of data protection.


If you are not looking for a permanent partner, but want to set up a date quickly and informally, then you should install the lovescout24.de app. Lovescout24 is one of the biggest dating platforms in Germany. It is reputable and has around 1,000,000 weekly active members for a total of around 6,000,000 members.

This app is free to download and you can use this app to send and receive messages, edit your profile, or find like-minded singles from your smartphone. Premium basic membership costs €19.99 for an annual subscription.


The dating site Badoo is an old site with the most users in the world. However, after registering and creating a profile, you should not expect any advice or recommendations. Especially if you travel a lot, like traveling or want to make new friends in another city, Badoo's offer is perfect. Because Badoo is represented in more than 180 countries. You can use the app to see which interesting Badoo Members are currently in your area and contact them.

Registration and use of the most important functions are free of charge. Additional functions such as viewing other people's profiles unknown or information about who liked your profile must be paid for. A month costs between € 8.49 and € 5. If you don't want to commit to a fixed monthly amount, you can also buy points here which you can use for certain features.