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Facebook Is The Best Social Media In The World

 In the past, children must have been very happy if they had an FB or Facebook account because in it we could interact with everyone in this world.

It's easy to access Facebook, just by registering using your email or cellphone number, you can create a Facebook account

Facebook is the best information media in the world with Facebook you can find everyone if you have a Facebook account.

As the largest social media in the world, it's no wonder that Facebook is popular with all people in the world, both children, young people, adults, and even the elderly.

On Facebook there is also a lot of information that can be accessed, for example a fan page, a fan page itself is a page that contains information according to the title or name of the fan page.

Facebook also has videos, both regular videos and live streaming videos, so it's no wonder that Facebook is the best social media in the world so far.

The owner of Facebook is a simple man whose name is Mark Zuckerberg, a native of New York, United States of America.

Facebook is found in almost all cellphone brands, as well as YouTube. If you want to access Facebook via the web, you just need to write fb, it will automatically connect directly to Facebook.

When will Indonesia have an application as cool and sophisticated as Facebook so that we don't depend on other countries.

That's the information I can convey, hopefully it's useful and useful for all of you, okay, thanks.