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Pinterest Virtual Assistant (MAKE MONEY AT HOME)

Pinterest Virtual Assistant (MAKE MONEY AT HOME)

Pinterest Virtual Assistant (MAKE MONEY AT HOME)

Did you know that Pinterest can be used for more than just finding cute outfits and saving crafts projects? Pinterest is one of the most remarkable ways to bring high-quality traffic to a business or blog.

If you know how to manage a business Pinterest account, you can make big money. So, want to know how? In this article, I will show you what a Pinterest manager is and how to start making money as one.

If you want to learn more about making money at home as a virtual assistant or other online service providers then you are in the right place.  I am obsessed with Pinterest management as an online service.

Pinterest management is one of the hottest services right now for virtual assistants. How much can you really make as a Pinterest manager? So, let's get into the nitty-gritty of Pinterest management.

What is a Pinterest Manager

A Pinterest manager is essentially a virtual assistant who begins offering Pinterest management services. you may add these to your existing general admin services or you make the full-fledged leap to start calling yourself a Pinterest manager.

Now as a Pinterest manager, you'll need to have a basic understanding of how to convert a Pinterest profile from personal to business.

How to Convert a Pinterest profile from Personal to Business

Confirm a website with Pinterest

Pinterest site verification has many amazing benefits.  Verifying your website on Pinterest gives you access to valuable business features. So, how do claim a website on Pinterest?

Verify Your Website on Pinterest by Uploading a Meta Tag:

  • Step 1. Go to your Pinterest profile and click on the edit button
  • Step 2. Click on “Settings” and “Claim”.
  • Step 3. “Confirm Website” button
  • Step 4. Copy the Code
  • Step 5. Add the code to your website’s head section.
  • Step 6. Click “Finish” back on Pinterest

Enable rich pins

Rich Pins are a type of organic Pin that automatically syncs information from your website to your Pins. You can identify rich Pins by the extra information above and below the image when you click on the Pin.

Types of Rich Pins:

  • Recipe-rich Pins add a title, serving size, cook time, ratings, diet preference, and a list of ingredients to recipes that you save from your site.
  • Article-rich Pins add the headline or title, the description, and the author of the article or blog post from your site.
  • Product-rich Pins include the most up-to-date pricing, availability, and product information right on your Pin.

Optimize a Pinterest profile and images

Using specific and robust keywords will help Pinners discover your brand quicker. Let’s see how to get started! 

  1. Add business details to your profile
  2. Optimize your Pinterest profile for SEO
  3. Add your website domain and verify it
  4. Optimize your profile picture, pins, and boards
  5. Adjust profile settings
  6. Use videos on Pinterest

Write a Pinterest-friendly pin description

How to write the best Pinterest descriptions?

  1. Relevant keywords near the beginning of the description
  2. Brand name in the first line of your description
  3. Natural sentence structure (no keyword stuffing!)
  4. A call to action – tell people what you want them to do when they visit the page.
  5. As many enticing details as you can include!

Find a join group boards

Create a Group Board on Pinterest

  1. Go to your Pinterest page
  2. Select the Pinterest Board you want to transform into a Group Board
  3. Tap the Plus icon under the Board title at the top of the page
  4. Invite collaborators by searching their name or email address on Pinterest
  5. Interpret Pinterest analytics

How to Join a Pinterest Group Board

  1. Conduct a Pinterest Board Search
  2. Check Out Your Competitors’ Pinterest Group Boards
  3. Search Facebook Groups for Pinterest Board Owners
  4. Use a Pinterest Group Board Search Engine