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Tips for Choosing a Set Top Box for Clear TV Broadcasts

 What is a Set Top Box (STB)

Almost everyone now needs a guide to sorting out the right Television Set Top Box (STB) so they don't go wrong when used. Currently, set top boxes are a feature that many people are starting to look for after the government stopped analog broadcasts.

The need for a set top box follows Kominfo turning off analog television broadcasts on November 2, 2022. That way, residents will no longer be able to view analog television broadcast content.

However, you don't need to be afraid because instead the public can always enjoy digital broadcasts with better visual quality. In order to get digital television broadcasts, people must need a set top box.

Set Top Box (STB) is a device that is attached to an analog TV whose function is to capture digital signals which are then converted into video and sound so that they can be displayed on analog TV.

As a result, now residents are hunting for this equipment to electronic equipment stores which sometimes lose stock, so some of them prefer to buy it online.

So, so you don't make the wrong choice, first find out the guide to selecting a good set top box, summarized from Kompas.
Guide to Sorting Television Set Top Boxes

1. Look for special features

The first thing to pay attention to is the special label printed on the STB. The recommended STB is DVB-T2 written on the feature packaging.

Not only that, it is also recommended to buy an STB that has the label "Ready Digital" or one that has a photo of the "MODI" icon, which is the mascot of digital television broadcasts in Indonesia.


Tips Memilih Set Top Box

 2. Look for digital Television STB reviews

When planning to buy an STB, you should look for testimonials or reviews. Generally can be seen via the web or Youtube. Not only looking for as much data as possible from other people's testimonies. You also need to compare specifications, prices, compatibility, and so on.

This is so that you can master the equipment properly. Good for any advantages or disadvantages of the product.

3. Adjust the needs

It's not wrong to think about buying an STB with other needs. There are many brands with various prices which of course certainly affect the performance and features offered.

Expensive prices may have more complete bonus features that are not available on other STBs.

4. Already have a Kominfo certificate

So, the next guide to choosing the right STB is to buy equipment that already has official certification from Kominfo.

STBs that pass the test from the Ministry of Communication and Informatics can of course capture digital broadcasts and have the Early Warning System (EWS) feature.