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Social Media Specialist Social Media Specialist Job Prospects

 How do you get to know a Social Media Specialist better? The development of the digital world requires someone to take part in keeping up with the changing times. Including in the world of work. This time, a new profession emerged along with the development of social media, which began to spread, used by companies to campaign for products and content to be spread on social media. The profession of a social media specialist is now needed by many companies. Most people often have the wrong idea about specialist social media. Generally, specialist social media is translated with influencers, buying and selling followers, and so on. So what is meant by a social media specialist?

Definition of Social Media Specialist (Social Media Specialist)

Social media specialist is one of the important jobs in the world of marketing which focuses on social media. The job of a social media specialist is not only to post, but also to manage the analysis of whether a post is effective or not for the brand and audience. Apart from focusing on posts, a social media specialist must also be able to find interesting and up-to-date ideas.

So, if you are surfing on social media and find interesting posts from media brands, then that is the work of a social media specialist. We can take an example on Instagram owned by "Kok Bisa, Sariagri, BBC, Tokopediaparents". On their Instagram, a post is arranged that has been scheduled and conceptualized by the social media team. So don't just post carelessly.
Requirements to Become a Social Media Specialist

As a profession that has recently emerged, a social media specialist does not require someone's rules to enter the world of work. The education major to become a social media specialist also doesn't have any rules in force, because to become a social media specialist the most important thing is interest. Even though we are medical, engineering, culinary graduates, if we have passion in social media, digital, and pay attention to a post, then we can become social media specialists. In addition to interest, skills are also needed that must be considered such as:
Requirements to become a social media specialist in general:

    Have a cellphone/laptop Mastering Social Media (Instagram, Tiktok, FB, Youtube)
    up to date
    Proficient in Photoshop and CorelDraw is a plus, at least Canva.
    Lots of ideas, innovation, creative.

How to Prepare to Become a Social Media Specialist?

As a social media specialist, you must know the data to optimize your content. Lots of data in each post in the form of numbers such as insight, impressin, engagement. So, not only posting content, a social media specialist must also know the analytics in each content.


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 Social Media Specialist Salary

A social media specialist works in every company which in quality and brand has its own criteria and depends on each region. In Jakarta, the salary of a social media specialist ranges from IDR 3,000,000.00 to IDR 4,000,000.00. For other regions in Indonesia, the salary of a social media specialist varies. In Yogyakarta, a social media specialist earns a salary of around IDR 1,500,000-IDR 2,500,000, depending on the company's income or gross salary.
Prospect of Social Media Specialist

The advancement of the digital world demands that every company follow it as an opportunity to promote its brand. The position of a social media specialist is currently quite sought after by companies, because apart from promoting offline, each company also promotes its brand online which is managed by a social media specialist. In the online world, a brand is more widely accessible, therefore the figure of a social media specialist is needed in optimizing its content according to the rules, boundaries, vision and mission and goals of the company.

How about the discussion about social media specialist this time? Are you looking for a position as a social media specialist? Start by developing your personal positive content on personal Instagram.