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True story! Losses Due to Playing Crypto, Stocks, Trading

 This writing is pure without engineering, I hope this experience can be a lesson for all of us and also I will learn to be a better person in the future and more useful for others in the future, because there was once a term experience is the best teacher. This story is taken from Facebook with a person named Elwin Pratama.

Before getting into the story, I'm sorry if there are any strange sentences or words, because this is the first time typing this long.

Still with a bad feeling, no appetite and sleepless night while remembering the incident a few days ago, being hit by liquid in the future and the dregs after the liquid reversed quickly, who doesn't get mentally affected?

So before that my background was just a 21 year old boy who only graduated from high school in general, didn't go to college or work. The economic condition of the family is normal.

Since graduating from high school in 2018, every day I just play games (ML), lie down scrolling through social media, eat sleep and repeat. Career-defining solutions.

Actually, I already have a lot of plans, like wanting to be a YouTuber, programmer, editor, but none of them work because of lazy habits that are ingrained to my bones.

The only reason I was lying down in my room was ez money from jockey ml (mobile legend). It used to be crowded and also addicted to getting money many times over in crypto.

It's like I don't need more effort, I don't need to think seriously and that's where I fall for something called greed and I can't control myself and I can't beat my own ego.

*MARCH 2021

The first time I played trading in stocks, when it was busy, it was antam. I'm curious, download the magic app, only for some reason the stocks are less attractive, the market isn't open 24 hours, and the stock exchange isn't open on Saturdays and Sundays. To be successful in 2022, this is the way.

*APRIL 2021

The first time I met crypto, because someone commented on the stock group, they said playing crypto on the Indodax application would make a lot of profit. I was curious. Finally, download it Indodax. Fad capital is only 2 million. When I first started playing crypto, I really joined the flash pump telegram channel. 2 million remaining 1 million dong. So, after I learned about the flash pump, it's like the admin channel, the tele is scooping up a lot of it later, when the new flash pump schedule is announced, now when the entry period is automatically the price flies, right, when the pump is admin and his friends, it sucks, it's okay, just experience it there I'm learning I'm not going to take flash pump again.

*MAY 2021

The remaining 1 million I used to buy Doge because Elon wanted to discuss Doge at the SnL event. So from there it will be 2.5 million before Eid. But because it's been over-the-top, it's true, right at Lebaran the dump got worse. I swear, if I remember it, I'm sorry, there must have been a lot of people frowning at that time.

* JUNE 2021

I bought a hart coin at 190 and I sold it at 500. At that time the hart pump was crazy, it even reached 900 and the server was down. Regret selling at 500. Speeding but that's okay. Profits are still profits. From 2.5 million to around 6.5 million.

* JULY 2021

I used the 6.5 million capital to buy coins that wanted to be listed on Indodax on other exchanges in the hope that when the listing would go up, and it was true at that time I bought Aioz 458$ to 631$ around 9 million.

* AUGUST 2021

I bought pumped LET coins from 9 million to 12 million. Then because of the theory, many people already know about buying on other exchanges before listing on Indodax, so I finally used another theory, arbitrary theory. At that time, the KAI coin had quite a different price between Indodax and Kucoin. So the arbitration tips and tricks are to pay attention to the price difference, the capital must be decent enough so you don't lose in fees and you must be prepared to accept risks when arbitrated. And the price even went down first. As a result, from 12 million to 14 million, there I was really happy to be able to reach $1000 for the first time trading with only 2 million capital and even then I was beaten to 1 million because of the flash pump.


That's 14 million, I bought XEC, which at that time was rebranding and exchanging it. That made news and sure enough my 14 million became 35 million. There I continued to buy tron ​​from 35 to 40 million.

Here I go on spree like buying groceries for the house or snacking like that until everything is eaten and the result is that my BB (weight) goes up abysmally, I really don't have much money.


Because I'm bored of trading at Indodax. I downloaded binance. Buy a new BETA coin from the previous 2800$, the remaining 2400$ is around 35 million, I'm cl in coin beta.



This is where the disaster appears. Early November. I'm confused and not willing to do that. After losing on BETA, what's in my brain is just money and money, how do I get back what was lost. And I casually dive into what is called future margin on binance, which people say has a high risk and will make you trashy in a short time, and it's true. I have it myself. Actually, this is my own stupidity, because I just plunged in without experience, without knowledge, without money management and in a psychological condition that is not calm because I only think how to reverse the loss. So, at the beginning, I made a profit of 300$ using a fighter's margin of 1500$ and 20x leverage in my heart it was good too, only a few minutes I got 300$ until one day I was minus. I'm a short Shiba at head 58 and I'm not willing to want cl. What I'm thinking about is what if cl turns around, maybe later it'll be the most profitable to just hold on, ah stupid. I just put a stop loss that's close to liquid at 61 and it's stupid that I just sleep when I wake up and hit a sling. At that time, I immediately cried badly because the remaining $ 900 only occasionally lost around 24-25 million just last night and what's worse is that after touching the sl back, the direction is fast, even if you don't hit the sl, there are lots of profits today. At this point I vowed to stop futures.


I just became a holder and even then it dropped again from 900 to 600. I just ended up playing futures again at the end of December, even though I had already promised not to want futures again. Yes, what do you do, the heart is not calm, it is innate to want revenge.


From the end of December to January now, a few days ago to be precise, I kept losing on futures until I really had only 500 thousand left. I'm really so trashy now and it feels like half of my soul is gone. My heart is empty, I'm lost, I don't know what to do anymore, luckily I'm strong and I don't make mistakes.

At that time I was crying too and it was true that I had 500 thousand left. I just take a picture of myself how depressed and depressed I feel like I don't accept this situation and I don't think that's why I'm this stupid, I think this is the falling point of falling in my life.

My goal at first was just for a personal document, if for example I could get up from this downturn and good luck one day I could see how stressed and sad my face was before, but after I thought about it again. I just uploaded it to open sea. Who knows it will work


Do not ever jump into future margin if you haven't learned to analyze, don't have money management, haven't mastered your own psychology and don't want to close a position when it goes negative. Hopefully this article can be an experience for all of us. Yes, the point is, don't be stupid like me. That's all