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Parent determined college major?

 Are you confused about choosing a college or school major to determine your future? But have you been told by your parents to take one of the majors your parents wanted? I will tell you a little about this problem. So, now I have graduated from college. The problems I face in education are many. Starting from the determination of junior high school, high school / vocational school, and college. Immediately I will tell my experience.

When approaching SMA / SMK registration, I was very confused. I live with my grandmother and I am also a migrant from outside the island. My parents are outside the island. I had some confusion back then in the 2010s. All my friends were escorted by their parents to register for SMA/K, but at that time I only accompanied my friends. As a result I studied at SMK majoring in Automotive. This field is completely unknown to me.

But over time, the value of the practice I can produce perfectly. The lessons that I get are also the same material related to academics. But after graduating from this SMK. I don't work in the automotive field, because I don't like this field. I also took a break for a year and worked in various convection, culinary and retail companies. After a year's gap, I also discussed with my parents to continue studying in college and was allowed.

I am still alone, not with my parents when I registered for PMB. I joined SBM at Undip to take civil engineering and was not accepted. Then I registered a self path in UTY to take architecture not allowed parent too. As a result, with limited time, I was able to choose the major that my parents ordered, namely PGSD at a private university in Yogyakarta, which has a building like a mall. Like it or not, I have to live it.

I completed my study for 4 years to obtain bachelor of education. With the introverted human type, I also get valuable lessons by appearing in front of many people every day. However, the PGSD major is an instruction from the parents of most women who are interested. In addition, the prospects for the PGSD major are also not good enough. Because most PGSD majors struggle as honorary teachers whose salary is around 300-500 thousand rupiahs.