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How to make money on YouTube with YouTube Shorts

How to make money on YouTube with YouTube Shorts

How to make money on YouTube with YouTube Shorts

What is the difference between YouTube video and Shorts?

YouTube is a platform that has allowed content creators to share their videos from all over the world. Over time, new features have been added that allow content creators to make money on their content.

The YouTube algorithm has the key word when it comes to pushing the channel to the top and thereby generating more revenue. Two key indicators that allow content creators to make more money from their content are YouTube subscribers and YouTube viewers. A much larger portion of these two areas will provide a huge increase for YouTube channels.

How to make money on YouTube

Content creators can earn money in various ways via YouTube:

Views and Subscribers

YouTube subscribers and YouTube viewers play a big role in bringing money to content creators. The more real subscribers you have on YouTube, the more likely you are to get involved. Channels with a high number of subscribers or viewers earn more money from advertising revenue.

The Influences Effect

The influences are more useful than the YouTube platform. Whether they are youtube exclusive influencer or multi-platform influencer with accounts from TikTok, Instagram and other social media platforms, advertising revenue here will help more. In addition, those affected use advertisements for the sale of goods, as well as to increase their income.


YouTube content creators can give their subscribers the opportunity to be a member of their channel. This membership is accompanied by a nominal fee. In turn, these subscribers receive bonuses in the form of stickers, a sign of loyalty, early access to new videos, etc.

YouTube Premium

Viewers who have a YouTube Premium subscription will be able to view exclusive materials. Content creators who contribute to the premium platform will be able to offer exclusive materials to their subscribers and earn revenue at the same time. 

When it comes to advertising revenue, the usual distribution between YouTube and content creators is 45/55. Consequently, YouTube accounts for 45% of revenue, while content creators make up 55% of revenue.

What is YouTube Short? 

TikTok has come out with YouTube YouTube Shorts in response to mass popular short-form videos as well as Instagram videos. These are short-format videos that should not exceed 60 seconds in total. They should be vertically fired, and marked with #shorts. # Short must be displayed in the title of the video or in the description of the video.

YouTube Shorts can offer content creators many viewers and genuine YouTube subscribers.

Note that you can't make money on YouTube Shorts at the moment. This does not mean that in the future, YouTube will not change its policy of earning money on short clothing. YouTube is known to periodically change and update its policy on content posted on the platform.

In addition, YouTube is looking for ways to make money on their #Shorts platform. But so far, there is nothing different in the market. But that doesn't mean you can't earn money through YouTube Shorts. Basically, even if you can't make money directly through YouTube Shorts, it's a lucrative platform. 

Analytics and YouTube Shorts 

YouTube Short creators can analyze the results from their videos. It should be noted here that YouTube Shortcut views do not take up to 4,000 hours watch time to contact YouTube Partner Program.

Content creators who really want to make money on YouTube want to be a participant in the YouTube Partners program. This will allow you to make good money and to grow the channel.

However, if content creators are trying to get more views on YouTube and true youtube subscribers, then YouTube Shorts may respond.

There are three ways to view analytics from YouTube Shorts. Both of these methods apply to desktop users, and one of them applies to mobile users.

How to make money on YouTube with YouTube Shorts

If the viewer watches the YouTube Short program and then watches another creator's video, then no money will be found.

However, if a YouTube short video is seen as a regular video on YouTube, then you can make money. This means that the video was not viewed on the Shorts video shelf on the platform. In this case, the time to watch the video contributes to the 4,000 hours required to apply to the YouTube Partners program.

Although YouTube Shorts are not currently being converted into money, there are ways to make money from them. The biggest revenue generating short profits is more viewers on YouTube and true YouTube subscribers to the creator's channel.

While YouTube continues its experiments with its YouTube Shortlists, the opportunity to make money may finally arise. However, for now, YouTube Shorts can be used to increase revenue in other ways on YouTube. If viewers and subscribers see the content of shorts directly, those views may be based on earning money and partnerships.

So far, content creators have seen the benefits of YouTube Shortby by increasing exposure. Shorts content distribution algorithm is popular and unpopular, or does not distinguish between content that earns money and does not earn money. This will also increase interest in new content creators on the platform. This is likely to change in the future, and YouTube has shown a positive figure for this. Now, Short is a way to bring in more viewers and subscribers at this time. 

Content creators can use Short videos to increase their impact on the platform. YouTube has already developed ways to make money and generate more revenue from their channels and videos.