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Smart Artist

Hello engineering students. This time I want to share some engineering graduate artists. Anyone who is an artist who graduated from this technique. Let's find out together.
Indonesian university graduate artist

The first is Vidi Aldiano. Vidi is a solo singer artist. He has a fairly thin brain because Vidi Aldiano graduated in electrical engineering at Pelita Harapan University. Vidi finished his studies in 3.5 years. Vidi Aldiano then continued his Masters at the University of Manchester, England.

Marcell Candrawinata

Marcell Cnadrawinata is one of the actors who is very familiar on the screen. Often we meet in various soap operas. Marcell Candrawinata is a graduate of industrial engineering at Pelita Harapan University.


Who doesn't know the singer with a song that makes the heart feel sad. Astrid is known for her good voice in her melow pop solo songs. Especially with the song Make Me the second, which made it better known to the public. Astrid is a graduate of industrial engineering at the Surabaya Technical College (STTS).

Rezky Aditya

The famous Indonesian soap opera actor, Rezky Aditya, is an artist who graduated from engineering. Rezky Aditya graduated from industrial engineering at Bina Nusantara University.

Cak Lontong

artis lulusan universitas indonesia

Ir. Lies Hartono or better known as Cak Lontong is indeed famous for his jokes. But behind him, who often makes people laugh, it turns out that he is a graduate of electrical engineering at the Ten November Institute of Technology.