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Cheap Lodging Recommendations in North Kalimantan

List of Lodgings in North Kalimantan Complete with Facilities and Prices
Visiting the island of Kalimantan, precisely in North Kalimantan, which is directly adjacent to Malalaysia, is a challenge in itself because the economy in North Kalimantan is not yet booming.

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Extensive geographical conditions with large forests make North Kalimantan not much touched by tourists. So much is needed to support the progress of this new Province. One of them is lodging.

Lodging in North Kalimantan is urgently needed because its role is very vital for tourists from outside the area, especially. For those of you who want to see a list of inns or hotels in North Kalimantan, below we have reviewed a list of hotel accommodations in North Kalimantan.
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Hotels in North Kalimantan.

Swiss-Belhotel Tarakan

This luxury hotel on a busy commercial street is a 10-minute walk from the lush Conservation Area of ​​Mangrove and Proboscis Monkeys, or 3 km from Juwata International Airport and downtown Tarakan.
Check-in time: 14.00
Check out time: 12.00
3 star hotel
Swiss Belhotel Tarakan Address : Jl. Mulawarman No.15, Karang Anyar Pantai, Tarakan Bar., Tarakan City, North Kalimantan 77111
Tel : (0551) 21133
Prices start from IDR 650,000
Facilities: Swimming pool, Spa, Wifi, AC, Parking lot, Breakfast and others.

Luminor Hotel Tanjung Selor
Luminor Hotel Address : Jl. Sabanar Lama, Tj. Selor Hilir, Tj. Selor, Bulungan Regency, North Kalimantan 77211
Tel : (0552) 2020888
Prices start from IDR 400,000
About this hotel : This elegant hotel in a modern building located across the Kayan River is 5 km from Tanjung Harapan Airport, and 13 km from swimming pools and children's activities at Taman Selimau.
Check-in time: 14.00
Check out time: 12.00
Popular facilities: Parking lot, Wi-Fi, Air-conditioned, Breakfast and others.

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