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Dana Is The Best Money Transfer App

 If you need a money transfer service without Admin fees or free, then the best choice right now is Funds.

Dana is an electronic money transfer tool or digital wallet, almost like an ATM, but more practical and less complicated, just download the Dana application on the Play Store.

Sending free money is great so take this opportunity to share with friends, family and others.

Funds can be useful if there are lots of balances in them, so automatically the heart is happy, the mind is calm, what to do is comfortable, as long as it's good.

Funds can send money to banks or vice versa. Funds can also send money to other popular applications such as Ovo, Gopay, ShopeePay and others.

We hope that the information about Funds can be useful for all of you, be careful not to let other people know your data, be aware that crime can happen anywhere and crime happens not only because there is an intention but also because there is an opportunity, be careful, be careful.